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8th January 2023 // New album
One by one I will be releasing new songs for two different albums. One is called Michael and consists of electronic instrumental stuff and the other is called demo #2 and will be those minimalist acoustic songs I am (and maybe you are) already used to. If you want to be notified about new releases just follow us on Bandcamp or subscribe to the newsletter on here.

3rd April 2021 // Patreon page is public
Hi folks, I’ve opened my patreon page to the public. There’s some stuff there. Do have a look around!

19th July 2020 // New Photo
My friend and I went for a walk through a section of the port of Bremen closer to the city center. It was a beautiful day and we took some pictures. For the first time in a long while I took my grandmother’s Nikon out for a spin and enjoyed it very much. The photo below was taken by Jens Laloire.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 100_1896.jpg
Photo by J. Laloire

11th Feb 2020 // Post-Facebook-Post
Here’s my new-ish ello account: – Facebook’s getting old!

9th Feb 2020 // D e m o #1
I assambled a small collection of previously published songs on my bandcamp page for you to listen to. The recordings are dirty first takes, works in progress and drafted pieces of music that I am currently working on. Eventually, they will become part of the new album –