I play music. For that I use an electric guitar, an electric bass guitar and drums. I like the sound of all three. Most of the times there is a voice, singing about what was, what is, what isn’t, what will be (maybe). The best thing to do, if you want to know what the music is about, is to listen to some of the songs and imagine, that the way they are recorded is the basic idea and then imagine that one thing I really enjoy doing is to change them, but not beyond recognition, rather change them into recognition. Make them louder for example or quieter sometimes, adding another musical room to them. Trying not to complicate them.

I have been writing, recording, playing shows by myself or with other people for over a decade and it’s been really good most of the times. Many different people have helped me in many different ways and became a part of the music. Which is a good thing that will hopefully continue fo a long time.

Thank you for reading and listening and feel welcome to write an e-mail, if you have a question: brknln@posteo.de.

See you soon friends!