Things that are in my system.

Neglect of my Facebook account and with MySpace being as dead as a dodo I felt the need to find other means of giving you the chance to virtually inform yourselves about where’s and when’s of concerts and still get the unbroken stream of happenings and news of the project. Also, a blog strikes me as the more wholesome and thus more sensible opportunity of creating a “profile” of myself as an artist in the weird wide web and yet it seems less cringingly intimate than internet-based social networks. I’m still unsure about whether such a profile is necessary at all, but for now I’ll tag along.

Right now I just write music by myself and also I write and rehearse together with a drummer who shall remain anonymous until he has settled a decision upon how to appear within the context of our music. We had one show in May at a venue called Belle Etage here in Bremen which went well, we both decided. So we continue working together.

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