Dorian Gray is sorry!

The album “In the Aeroplane over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel was recommended to me so I went into my local record store, got taken the piss of by the owner for the content of the radio show posted below, ordered the record, left the store, went back after approximately 14 days, got taken the piss of by the owner for the radio show posted below and mentioned above, bought the record, listened to it. And. Now. I. Would. Like to recommend it to you.

Also, on a different note: If you want to go beyond the boundaries of language and fully grasp the meaning behind the slightly worn out german phrase “fremdschämen”, watch the latest film adaption of the Oscar Wilde novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. The feeling you will get watching it is the definition of the word. Thank you, Oliver “Frankenstein” Parker.

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