Post-Tour Tour-Post

On the 10th of September 2013

Sleepless in Bremen. After a 30hrs trip I now am back home and liking it. My one-week german-swiss-italian tour could not have been any better. I played wonderful shows with Marcello Petruzzi in Controguerra and Ascoli Piceno, with Black Ribbon in Wiesbaden, Vanessa Voss in Münster and Musica da Cucina in Milan and one on my own in Baden (CH). Each of them was unique and including a lovely time with many nice people. In Münster I was going to play at a place called Teilchen + Beschleuniger but the weather was so hot that Sebastian Witte, the promoter of the show and musician himself decided to do a generator driven very well attended show at the close-by channel (until then I didn’t even know Münster had anything close to a river flowing through it). There’s a little video you can find on my facebook page that Sebastian made for you to watch. In Wiesbaden Black Ribbon played a wonderful Elliott Smith tribute set, which quite transported me, also Matthias made a grand Taboulé! The show in Baden was part of the so called “Fahrt” and took place very high up on a hill in the middle of the city. due to an impressive thunderstrom at first it looked as if the concert had to be transferred from a ruin on top of the hill to the café Frau Meise owned by Claudia, who was the promoter of the night. But then she and two of her colleagues (a) did some serious iPhone-internet-research, checking, double-checking and double-double-checking for the weather report and then (b) were very brave and decided to do the show on the hill. They put out cushions and candles and opened a little bar and people came and many stayed to watch and listen despite the rain and so everything was lovely. After an off-day in Basel I took a train to Milan to play a show at the famous Carroponte. There was the worlds hottest backstage rooms there, my first italian pizza of the tour and about 200 to 300 people watching the show, which all made me very happy. After the show I did the usual. Sold a heap of  CD’s, had an awefully bad-tasting longdrink with an awefully good-looking gent, I was warned about (the drink) even by the barkeeper, smashed my knee slipping in the frist rain Milan had in over a month and checked in to quite a posh hotel room. As I say, quite the usual. The other two shows in Italy, in Controguerra and Ascoli Piceno were both promoted by Paolo Forli and played together with 33ore (Marcello Petruzzi). The first one on the towns central square, illuminated like a film set and under the attendance of the mayor of Controguerra and the other in Ascoli Piceno on one side of a steep valley next to a river, featuring olive trees, delicious italian pasta, homemade, organic white wine and an app. 70-year old trance DJ rocking the decks! Marvellous. Really quite surreal and marvellous! Blue, green and red lights and all… .

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