A pride of lines

My patreon page is up and running. I even have one first patron already (a great big happy shout-out to you, right there)! On the page I’ve created an assemblage of sections (called tiers) with different topics, which access can be bought to with money. In one of these sections, for example, I put everything about a book of poems I am making, documenting even little steps. Another section will feature an interview with the engineer, who built and designed the monitor speakers I use. And there is also sections about music: digital, physical, past, present, future, finished, unfinished, identifiable, unidentifiable. Obvioulsy, I’m not going to balk at any bonanza type of turn of events caused by a stampede of friends of friends or wealthy aunts of friends of friends or music loving colleagues of wealthy aunts of friends of friends… storming the place. But what is actually more important to me, is that I think I kind of like the concept of it. It’s a collection of works, stories, parts of processes that happen anyway and that might be interesting to someone sometime.



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